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Family-managed for over 80 years


For us at abs bonifer, sustainability is more than a trend or environmental protection. Strategically long term thinking is our tradition, so that our passion for our profession is preserved for future generations.

1935 – Service station on company grounds
Silbervogel Travel
1980 - Omnibus fleet in Offenbach am Main
1983 - 50th trailer from Kässbohrer
Then & Now - Headquarters in Offenbach am Main
1990 - abs bonifer in VDO brochure
1997 - BP Driver Training
2014 - Celebration of the 75th anniversary
Otto (1958) Andreas & Stefan Bonifer (2014)


1939 - 1950
Foundation of a bus company by Andreas Bonifer sen.
After the war, the then 16-year-old Otto Bonifer resumes the official business activities. Change of the company form to OHG with the partners Andreas Bonifer Snr. and Otto Bonifer.



Foundation of the travel agency "Silbervogel" in Frankfurt am Main. Omnibus package tours to Bavaria, Austria and Spain are offered under this signet.

Expansion of business activity by including mineral oil transports. Visionary starting point for today's core competence.

Development of the Offenbach district in regular bus services and further promotion of bitumen and fuels transport.



Conclusion of the first significant bitumen supply contract with Deutsche Erdöl AG (DEA).
Death of company founder Andreas Bonifer Snr. Name change to: Andreas Bonifer & Sohn KG – Verkehrsunternehmen und Spedition. Walter Bonifer joins as a limited partner.



Conclusion of long-term contracts in scheduled bus services with the German Federal Railway and the City of Offenbach.
Business management graduate Andreas Bonifer Jnr, Otto Bonifer’s elder son, joins the company.



The German expansion years - milestone in the company's development with the takeover of Hans Pöppel Transport GmbH and Hellmut Schmid Spedition GmbH & Co. KG. As a result, the BP service station network in south and south-west Germany is almost completely covered. The essential long-distance transport licenses acquired in this context strengthen the market position.

Foundation of the LOMO SOFT GmbH software company with a focus on logistics as a joint venture with Jürgen Spanuth.


1990 - 1993

Engineering graduate Stefan Bonifer, younger son of Otto Bonifer, joins the company. Foundation of Bonifer & Co in the new (former East German) federal states.
Name change to: Andreas Bonifer Spedition und Verkehrsunternehmen GmbH & Co KG with new corporate identity design abs bonifer. Managing directors: Otto, Walter, Andreas and Stefan Bonifer.



abs bonifer goes international - The end of the Cold War and the opening of markets mark the starting point for a sustainable expansion policy in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

TRANSFOR GmbH is founded as a joint venture of five haulers to enable a successful participation in ExxonMobil's first pan-European tender.


2000 - 2007

Sustainable expansion of quality and safety systems. Implementation of new future-oriented safety and training standards. Foundation of abs bonifer Hungary.



Death of senior partner Otto Bonifer.

Foundation of abs bonifer Slovenia.



abs bonifer looks back on a 75-year success story and celebrates this anniversary at Offenbach exhibition hall.


Latest developments

Sale of LOMO SOFT GmbH and its incorporation into an IT company.

Foundation of GTE GasTransEurope – a joint venture between abs bonifer and Schmidt Heilbronn.

Acquisition of JUNG Energielogistik GmbH in Austria.


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